Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Window Shopper: Glass Company in Vancouver Installs Storefront Glass

Stores who do not already have storefront glass can contact a glass company in Vancouver Lower Mainland to have it installed. They would want to let people know what they are selling without the pressure of having to commit to step inside their store. In marketing, the two main aspects are visibility and availability, and storefront glass allows for them to see what products are available, thus fulfilling both aspects. Before having storefront glass installed, it’s important to get accurate measurements of the entrance. Proper installation is crucial, as well as the sealing, to ensure long-term performance. When it comes to the glass, different types can be installed depending on what the wares of the store are.

Monday, May 11, 2015

A Glass Company in Surrey Can Replace Sliding Glass Windows and Doors

Glass window repair and replacement are ideally done during dry season since it would be more difficult and costly during unpleasant weather. Homeowners who own sliding window or doors with glass in Surrey, BC should pay attention to their fixtures and get in touch with companies like M&M Glass immediately if they detect problems. Sliding windows or doors are a wonderful add-on to any home, but maintenance must be done to ensure that homeowners do not encounter any problems. Should you find a problem with your sliding window or doors, have them repaired or replaced right away.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Surrey Glass Repair Services Can Help in Fixing Up a Vintage Home

Foundation And Structural Issues – One of the most basic issues involves the foundations, especially the parts that aren’t readily visible. Soil issues surrounding the entire property should be an utmost concern. For instance, an old home in an area prone to landslides can mean a constant need for repairs. There’s also the issue of “foundation movements” to watch out for. Leaks – Aside from uninsulated walls, the most likely culprits for leaks in old homes include cracked and drafty window frames and sub-par windows, which a specialist from Metro Vancouver glass repair firms like M&M Glass can help you with. Aside from faulty windows, you’ll also have to watch out for door gaps and uninsulated outlets, which can easily amplify your power bill to ridiculous levels in a very short time. Identifying leaks is as easy as grabbing an infrared thermometer and searching for unusually cold spots around the house.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Damaged Glass: Call Glass Shop in Surrey for Repair or Replacement

A hard object crashing a window that has caused it some damage will need immediate repair or replacement from a glass shop in Surrey. The less obvious damages are those due to slow deterioration of the glass itself or the frame holding it. The windows may appear intact, but the disintegration of the material components could be only a little push away from falling off. Interior Moisture Damage. Condensation on the window components can cause deterioration on the edges of the frame, particularly the sash.