Tuesday, March 31, 2015

How a Glass Shop in Surrey Can Benefit Stores or Office Buildings

If the building façade doesn’t have or isn’t made of glass, it could be enhanced with the versatile material. The surface can also be redesigned with floor-to-ceiling windows or commercial glass printed with the company’s name and other design elements. Skylights and awnings can even be installed to improve the building’s lighting and aesthetic impact. Experienced businesses like M&M Glass offer Surrey, BC commercial glass solutions to your building façade maintenance needs. Their services have quick turnaround times and guarantees for your convenience and quality assurance.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Vancouver Glass Repair Improves Both Window Functionality and Style

You can have windows installed practically anywhere in your home, and modern designs surely celebrate it. You can find front doors surrounded by small windows or stained glass, which contribute to the first impressions given by the home and its architectural character. You can also see living rooms with wall windows that merge indoors and outdoors beautifully and even customized windows for a truly unique design element. The possibilities are truly endless. Explore your options with a Surrey glass repair shop like M&M Glass, which specializes in residential glass repair and replacements, to bring your creative renovation plans to life.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Glass Shop in Surrey Shows How Glass can Impact Bathroom Makeovers

The trend nowadays is to make bathrooms like sanctuaries, where the functionalities have a touch of style and luxury or grandeur. You see soaking tubs facing wall windows, so you can take a dip while admiring a view. You see walk-in rainfall showers, heated floors, and even steam rooms or saunas with marble countertops and sinks for an ultimately deluxe experience. If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom with indulgence in mind, a glass shop in Surrey can help in transforming the space into your own private oasis.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Glass Company in Surrey: Steps to Take When Cleaning Fireplace Glass

Relaxing in front of the fireplace with your loved ones is one of the things you probably look forward to in the cold weather. While the naked flames radiate more warmth and charm, it’s still best to exercise safety in using the fireplace. One of the things you could do is to install a fireplace glass with the help of Surrey, BC glass suppliers such as M&M Glass. Having a fireplace glass not only discourages youngsters from going near the fire and getting burned, but also keeps ashes and soot from soiling your floor or carpet. When you have one, however, it’s your responsibility to maintain it to make sure it doesn’t cause more harm. Glass surfaces could accumulate soot build-up after long-term use, which poses a threat to your home’s indoor air quality and makes fire behavior more unpredictable.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Vancouver Window Glass Replacement: What It Means for Productivity

The implication of this is no laughing matter. Insufficient sleep may cause memory loss, slower psychomotor reflexes, diminished attention, as well as workplace accidents, errors, and reduced productivity. Lack of sleep may also affect workers’ interactions with their co-workers and bring occasional mood swings. If your commercial building or establishment doesn’t have windows, perhaps it’s time to give your business a facelift. Let a contractor renovate your walls to accommodate windows, and hire a Metro Vancouver glass company such as M&M Glass to install the window glass and frame you prefer.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Repair or Replace: Know When to Call Vancouver Glass Repair Services

Even closed windows let some air in, but if there’s a noticeable draft coming from a window, then that’s a bad sign. Windows often develop drafts over time because of various factors. For example, wooden windows can become warped the longer they are exposed to moisture. This warping can end up causing gaps in the frame that will let in the air. It may seem like a slight inconvenience but a draft can seriously disrupt the temperature inside your home, which compels your HVAC system to start working harder. This situation often leads to an uncomfortable house and higher energy bills. Though it is possible to apply weather stripping as a stopgap measure against drafts, a full window replacement is possibly your best choice. Not to worry though; reliable Surrey glass repair services like M&M Glass can do window replacements too.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Surrey Glass Shop Ensures Your Office Building Gets Light and Heat

If your office is on the top floor or is in the loft style, installing a skylight would be an excellent option to improve the morale of the workers. Letting the sunshine in via a skylight has several benefits that should encourage you to hire Surrey, BC commercial glass experts to put one on your roof. First, skylights can significantly lower your electricity bill. The natural light provided by openings in your roof can provide enough illumination for your people to work by until the evening. Second, your employees can get all the health benefits of sunlight. A person’s skin naturally produces vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, so a skylight can ensure that everyone in your company gets the right amount, boosting their immune system. Additionally, sunlight is a natural disinfectant that inhibits mold and fungal growth. Third, sunlight improves the visual appeal of your work environment. This can make people feel better while they work and improve their productivity.